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Many bathing ‘soap’ or shower gels in the market today cannot be claimed as soap because they are mostly chemically combined synthetic detergents. That is why they are often presented as toilet bars, beauty bars, body bars, etc. Most of them also contain potentially harmful preservatives like paraben and synthetic foaming agents with sulfates.

However, actual soap is a special type of salt of fatty acids. Soapmaking is a traditional craft with a long history of secret recipes, personal skills, and ingenious techniques. Unique soap recipes are either traditionally inherited or learned with endless experiments. 

By blending unique proportions of ingredients, hand-made soap can be designed to preserve various skin-friendly and healing oils. This workflow also helps to retain natural moisturising agents like glycerine and other emollient properties. 

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Why is Handmade
Soap Better?

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Soap has a long
& fascinating history

If you are thinking of a fabulous and unusual gift for your loved ones, or to have a truly satisfying and unique experience with handmade artisan soap all yourself, then you have come to the right place!

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• Nature                Wellness •

All N by Niro luxurious soap bars are primarily crafted with a unique régime of plant butter and oils including Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Shea Butter.


By fusing these naturally occurring ingredients in unique proportions, we design amazingly creamy, conditioning, and moisturising soap. Since our soap only contains ingredients sourced from plants and minerals, they are also vegan-friendly. We avoid using Palm Oil, paraben, and sulfates. Using solid bar soap instead of bottled liquid soaps and gels is also a sustainable solution to plastic waste.

We employ the traditional cold process to craft soap in very small, customised, and distinctive batches. Numerous natural ingredients like clays, herbs, and charcoals lend our soaps extra beneficial properties. Shiny earthy minerals like mica add beautiful colours to our soap variants.

Once the saponification is completed, we store our soaps for weeks to be naturally cured into long-lasting bars. Although this is a lengthy and arduous production process, it allows us to achieve the gorgeous artistic compositions of our soap while preserving the natural benefits of the ingredients. 


•  Art              Craft  •


We craft a range of exquisite soap with subtle distinctive scents and luxurious ingredients

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